Friday, August 13, 2010

Rewinding those moments

God I love my DVR!  Thank you!  Isn’t it incredible to stop -- pause -- rewind and even playback what you are watching!
And wouldn’t it be grand to rewind, pause  and take a second look and then decide what to do?  Hindsight is so much better than 20/20 vision.
The designers on Project Runway inspire me!  They are challenged -- truly challenged -- and in front of millions of people -- to dig deep and find that creativity that let’s their genius soar!  And, if you have ever watched this show, the ones that just “let it rip” -- they are the ones that shine on that show and the ones that get into their “head” -- well, they can be “OUT”!
They are judged by professional judges and by the world that is watching them -- WOW -- as artists, we don’t have that pressure right on top of us -- yet, our end results, our paintings and sculptures are out there to be “judged” -- and when you are painting from your heart -- there is no judge -- just YOU.
And aren’t we are own judges???

So, if we could rewind some of our "painting moments" -- let's choose the best ones!
Happy Friday the 13th -- this is a magical day for all of us!  Who knows what magic will happen today!

"Love" Giclee on Canvas
12 x 16

This is my newest giclee being offered in a small limited edition series.

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