Friday, August 6, 2010


Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals!  The basics of life, the basic of everything!  Practicing fundamentals every day brings us to mastering whatever we are doing.
In art, the basic fundamentals are drawing, learning color and the basic techniques of how to create dimension in your painting!   Every painting is a new challenge and each new painting brings us to the next painting -- and how many times do you think, wait till I paint the next one?
We are always learning and growing -- that is life -- without growing and doing new things, we stagnate and so does our art.
Practicing the basics keeps our art strong and give  us the courage to be adventurous and paint with a new boldness and power!
Happy Friday!
"Red Sailboat"
8 x 10 Oil on Board


  1. I am still on vacation (I love summer!) but I got hold of a computer for a bit - this is a lovely piece - both my sons are blond and my almost 3 year old has really been enjoying the beaches in Michigan. Just love the reflections. Very nice!

  2. my email address is Although at times I think I check my blog more than my email! ha It is more fun and I stay on a lot longer, I know that. Just love seeing what all my fellow art bloggers are creating. :)