Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New Best Friend

I want Jet Li to be my new best friend!
He is so amazing!  Can you imagine having him around all of the time -- protecting you, showing off his many moves?  He makes it look so easy!  He has integrity and his word is his Honor!  You know that you can count on him.
He has spent his life perfecting his moves, his mind, his innermost thoughts and isn’t that what life is all about?  And with art, we spend our lives perfecting our “moves” on the canvas or sculpture!  And then it looks so easy!!!  
The paintings that are painted from all of the practice and innermost beliefs are the ones that we came here to paint!  The ones from our innermost beings!  
As small as Jet Li is in stature -- he is a giant in the world of martial arts!  He has given back to the world -- he started The One Foundation in China and he continually gives back to the world through his many causes.  
As artists, we can give back to the world by making it a better place with our art and our gifts of creativity.  We can find our own way to greatest each day as we paint.
12 x 12 Oil on Board

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