Friday, July 9, 2010

Strutting Your Stuff

Strutting your Stuff!!!  If you have ever watched the movie, “Staying Alive” and watched John Travolta dance his pants off -- well, literally, of course, then you know the feeling of giving it all -- 500%  Not only is John beautiful to watch, he is in incredible shape and you know that you are watching perfection.  There must have been months and  months and  hours and hours of practice to make that last dance work.
John was so HOT in this movie --  and when he danced, it was all of him -- every muscle, every movement was sensual and powerful.  Just watching him dance, makes me want to dance -- as his partner, of course!
He danced his heart out -- he broke the rules -- he was there in the moment with every part of his being!   And that fever, that intensity,  is what a painting cries out for -- All of you.
After his performance he just wanted to walk the streets of New York and Strut his Stuff!
And that’s how you feel when you do that powerful painting that makes you smile and makes you glad that you are a painter.
Soooo -- here’s the challenge.  Strut your Stuff!  Play the song, “Staying Alive” and paint your pants off and see what painting with all of you is like!  And let’s see these incredible paintings!
I look forward to seeing these great paintings and Strutting your Stuff!  Send me photos of your incredible paintings!

My painting will be posted on Monday, July 12!


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