Monday, July 19, 2010

Marvelous Mondays!

Happy Marvelous Monday -- a day that starts the special week with surprises waiting for us.
Everybody is good at something!  I read in the book by Raymond Aaron, “Double Your Income Doing What You love” --   that inside of everyone of us is a “Superstar” -- finding that part of us that loves what we do -- and putting your heart and soul into what you love -- that’s when your star stars to shine and shine and shine.
Here’s to shining stars all week.    And happy days and lots of love and laughter!
"Bubbles" 8 x 10
Oil on Board

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  1. Rêve de petite fille que celui de faire des bulles... Peinture remplie de poésie, de rêves et de jeux d'enfant... Bonne semaine à vous Diane.