Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paintings For Me

A man told me recently that I should either marry a rich man or win the lottery -- OUCH!  Really?
Are those really my only choices in my life right now??  What a boost of confidence!????
It really made me think and look at my life, my choices, and where I am going.  I sold my Soul once in my life and it is not a great feeling!   and, I won’t do that again.
It would be incredible to wake up every day and paint just for the sake of painting -- without those thoughts of “will this sell?”  I have sold a lot of paintings in my career and I have had so many One-Woman Shows that have sold out -- and I have had a great career!
Sooooooo -- why aren’t I painting with total abandon every day?  What is stopping me?
And, if I did sell my soul, would those paintings be the ones that I came here to create, or would they be “plastic” paintings. I have to be true to myself in all that I do -- especially my art!
Here’s to painting those special creations that we came here to create.
"Summer in New York"
40 x 40 Oil on Canvas


  1. Diane vous êtes une sorte d'ensorceleuse! Votre peinture m'attire irrésistiblement... j'aime l'atmosphère qui s'en dégage.

  2. I don't understand where this "man's" head might be to say such a hurtful thing but I did think of a mutual friend we had who would have told him where his head was in no unsuch terms! None other than Miss Milly! Ignore the petty, and keep on creating the beautiful work that you create and God bless you.