Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Patience -- do we really have it -- we are living in the McDonald “got to have it right away” lifestyles -- 
Good things come to those that wait!  We have all heard that before -- in painting, and in life, it takes time to get that special magic in life -- it is not delivered to your doorstep -- you have to earn it -- live it -- believe in it, and then let it find it’s own path to you.
And when you are patient, and let go -- it comes to you -- you see it -- the magic is there -- the studies and the times you kept practicing, and all of those songs later -- and there it is.
A farmer knows patience -- when they plants their seeds, they know that it takes months to grow into the final product -- as artists -- it takes our own type of “harvest” to get to the painting that you came to paint!
Here’s to those paintings -- the ones that we came here to paint!

This painting just sold in my gallery on Cape Cod -- The Hearle Gallery.

"Spring's Magic"
12 x 9, Oil on Board


  1. Bravo Diane pour cette vente. L'acheteur a fait un excellent choix... Cette peinture est remplie de soleil, de tendresse et d'espoir. Elle apporte un bien-être en l'admirant. je suppose que c'est toute votre douceur et votre énergie qui s'y reflète.
    Amicalement je vous embrasse.

  2. Congratulations on your sale! I wish you many more this season. (I wish us all many this season...)

    Do you teach workshops? I may have something in mind...