Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keeping It Simple

I am an over packer -- that I do know about me  it is probably my only “fault”, and I am okay with that!
I was wondering, after watching one of my favorite movies, “Bridges of Madison County”, for the umptienth (is that a word?) time how the heck did they get anything in those square little suitcases and how come the clothes were never wrinkled?  And where did we put our make-up, and our other “much needed” items??????
In art, I sometimes “over pack” my paintings with too many strokes and too much time over thinking and over painting the canvas.  When this happens,  I think of those little suitcases and how “simple” is so much better.  Less is more -- and truly, when you are painting “in the moment”, use those big brushes and give it all you have got -- and have fun!  Keep it simple!

"Red Sailboat"

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