Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Painting Magic

A painting starts with an idea, a moment when you meet someone, or finding a treasure in an antique store.  I had the privilege of meeting this beautiful woman and her baby while at a breakfast several months ago.  When I saw her beautiful face, I knew she was the woman I was seeking to model for me.
It took a while to set up the time and day for her to come over with her baby and pose for me.  For weeks I watched the light in my garden and in my back yard to create the atmosphere I am looking for.  I then start sketching some of the ideas that I am looking to paint.  The outfit practically fell into my hands while I was out shopping with a friend of mine -- and of course, I own about fifty hats!
I will be putting this story on my creative pages on my web site -- It is a beautiful story of how these new and beautiful paintings came to be.
Late afternoon light is the time for my hammock -- I put a cream afghan on it this time to give it a new look and as the baby fell asleep -- we timed it that way -- she sat down and the glow of light on her and the baby -- well, it created a magic that I am so excited to paint -- and I am just getting started.  Here is the first study!
"A Mother's Love (study)"
12 x 12 Oil on Canvas

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