Friday, June 4, 2010

New Techniques

When Jackson Pollock accidentally dripped paint on the floor while he was painting, a whole new form of art was created -- it opened new doors for his painting and for the public who then collected his abstract art.  He was inspired!  And he painted some amazing canvases, and his art grew into his “method” of creating art.  He had shows in New York, magazine articles and fame.  Yet, somehow over the following years, he forgot to stretch himself again and develop new techniques to express himself.
Change is good -- stretching your artistic muscles is a must to keep your art and yourself growing.  When you try new colors, new brushes and new techniques you are opening the door to your “method” of painting and the world awaits your creativity.  And, you never know what magic will happen!
Try something new today -- Discover your genius!
"My Sister"
12 x 12 Oil on Board

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  1. Diane, lovely as usual. Your play of yellow against reds/pinks is part of your "method" of painting. You do it so well. Its captivating, dreamy and always so inviting. You make us wish we were the subjects in your paintings. Whether child or adult. You touch upon such a beautiful heartstring within us. It amazes me how its present in every painting...