Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finding Your Voice

Art has been a tremendous part of our universe  -- it has grown from crude drawings inside caves to incredible paintings that grace the walls of so many homes and businesses and museums!  We are surrounded by art of all kinds -- it is seen  on billboards, clothing and even graffiti!
Over the centuries artists have survived and painted -- even when they were told what to paint (mostly religious scenes), they found a way to truly express their thoughts on life and their universe.  I remember reading how many Russian artists used to hide their “real” art under their beds, knowing what would happen if they were found out.
Today, there are no restrictions on what we paint or how we paint -- isn’t that amazing?  The doors to “art” have been opened and it is up to us to “speak” our words of art with freedom.   It is important to find your “voice” in your own art and let that person “out of the box”!
Here’s to art that truly comes from your heart!  What is your art saying?
"Sunday Afternoon"
7 x 5 Oil on Board

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