Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Painting With Love

“When you are in awe of someone else's greatness, you are really seeing your own greatness.”  Debbie Ford

The greatest gifts that we have are the ones that we give from our heart and soul.  

I painted this special painting as a surprise present for a woman’s special birthday.  Her husband loves and cherishes her so very much and wanted to give her a present filled with love.   I was delighted to be in the surprise and changed the Golden Retriever to a Golden Doodle -- which up until this time, I did not even know these dogs existed.  Now it seems that I see them everywhere!

He was so excited that he decided to give her the gift when he received the painting, instead of at her party which would be two days later.   She came home to a beautiful painting hanging in her dining room and I immediately received a phone call telling me of their delight!  And, she saw herself and her dog in the painting, and that was my intention while doing this painting.

And to me, that is what painting is all about -- bringing joy and love to the people who collect my art!

"A Summer Walk" 24 x 24
Oil on Parisian Linen

1 comment:

  1. Une belle oeuvre et un magnifique cadeau de la part de votre client...
    Pour vous une joie double !
    Gros bisous