Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Painting Commissions

How thrilling it is to have collectors commission me to paint something special for them.  It is indeed a great Honor!
My cousin, Dave, whom I have never met, commissioned me to do a special painting of his wife, Sue, for a surprise gift for their 45th wedding anniversary.  And, he flew me out to Chicago this past weekend to unveil the painting at their party.
Since I had never met either of them, there certainly was a challenge to make sure that I captured her essence.  The photo that I worked from was taken by Dave while they were visiting Mesa Verde.  The memories of that vacation brought smiles to their hearts, and that is what I captured in the painting.
The true test in delivering a “surprise” painting is -- did Sue love it???  And, thankfully, yes she did.  We unveiled the painting in front of over thirty people at their party and the smile on her face said it all - she loved it.
And, that is what a commissioned painting is all about -- having the collectors love it!

Here is a photo of Dave and Sue Leonard and me with the painting.

Delivering The Commission
20 x 16, Oil on Board


  1. Je pense que ce fut un moment précieux pour vous tous... Mes félicitations.
    Gros bisous