Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding Your Own Art

We are all “Info” Junkies -- we love to learn -- learning is what keeps us motivated and using that information is what makes us grow.
The “McDonald” mind set is evident throughout our world -- we want it NOW!  We are all seeking the “short cut” !
In art, and in everything, there are no “short cuts” to greatness.  What makes anyone great is practice, studying and believing in yourself.  A ballet dancer starts at a very early age to learn the ballet positions, a golfer - how to hold the club, a singer learns how to read music, and an artist -- well, there is a lot to learn, starting with basics such as colors of paints, brushes, what to paint on, composition -- the list goes on.
It has taken me a very long time to get here -- and yet, today, I feel as if I am just getting started -- again.  I have a very unique and beautiful collection of books that I have learned so much from reading about the artists that came before us.  You should see how many incredible books I have.   The ones that did not have the internet to exchange ideas or look up subject matter, or copy someone else’s works.  The artists that did not have cameras to take all of the amazing photos that we can now do with digital cameras (love them).  
These artists broke through their own fears and found their way to paint.  Yes, they learned from a master teacher and one another, and yet each one found their own art in their souls.
And each one of these artists can teach us something -- Modigliani, Renoir, Monet, Sargent (everyone knows his work), Cassatt, and of course, Vincent -- read about their lives and their struggles to find their own art and their style -- and, here we are now recognizing their “genius” in their art -- and guess what -- we recognize their “style” because that is what made them famous!
I encourage you to find your own style -- yes, learn from one another, take workshops, and then find your own “Authentic Art”!
I can feel my art growing in the direction that I love.

"My Brother's Boat"
12 x 12, Oil on Canvas


  1. Des pensées pures... et si justes.
    Nous ne sommes que des apprentis de l'art...
    Il faut laisser parler notre ressenti et travailler encore et encore.
    gros bisous

  2. Very nice post Diane. I too see more fast track art than I care to. Greatness comes from hard work and study. It doesn't come from slapping something down in an hour or so. To me that is simply an underpainting with a few think highlights to pretend it's finished.