Friday, September 16, 2011

Looking With Loving Eyes

Look at everything with “Loving Eyes” -- seems simple -- right?  
Children look at people, things, and do so with innocent and loving eyes and therefore they see the beauty in all of it.  We can all learn a lot from children -- especially since we have been conditioned (sadly enough) to see what isn’t working, instead of what is.
When you look at a person, look at them with loving eyes and you will see their beauty shine.  
Take these eyes into your studio, into the galleries and especially use these eyes wherever you go.  Only see the good!!!!
When you look at your own work -- look for the good -- look for what is working!  There have been many times when I have overworked a painting -- okay, lots of times -- when I questioned myself and then, of course, found things in the painting that I did not like -- and forgot to see the beauty and the things that were working!  Trust me here -- I have lots and lots of paintings that were wiped out several times and now have found their way to the floor, then the closet, then the garage - - paintings that had merit, but I didn’t see it and then I ruined the magic by trying tooooooo hard!!!!
When I teach and do painting demonstrations I say this:  No one cares how you got to the painting, or how long it took -- what they care about is what they SEE!  
When people look at a painting they see the end result -- they can feel the magic in it and see the love that is in it -- when the painting loses its magic, well, they see that too!
Again, the best way to paint is from life -- Here is a small study that I did as a practice piece for a painting demonstration.  I did this painting in thirty minutes -- I was setting up the model and the lighting and the design so that the painting demonstration would be fun and entertaining and informative, and, of course, come out great!
As I was painting the study in my studio, I didn’t stop to question myself, my technique or my colors -- I just painted what I saw in front of me -- the model in a beautiful dress with a scarf on her head -- I painted with loving eyes -- and after the thirty minutes, I stopped -- she had to leave and I had accomplished what I needed !  
And, my studies are just that -- studies!  Aren’t we all students in life?  
The idea here is to JUST PAINT!!!!!  and use those LOVING EYES!
The next time you go out -- look at everyone and everything with “Loving Eyes”.  It is the way that the world should be!

Study for Painting Demonstration
20 x 16 Oil on Canvas


  1. You are so right....most people don't look, don't see what is in front of them, and most of us who create are far too critical of our own work. Thanks for this post.