Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's Lesson

Getting Started
Let’s start with something simple -- Hopefully by next week I will have someone help me put a small painting video on this blog!
The challenge for most artists these past years is keeping our creative souls alive and functioning.  Again, painting and drawing for the joy of art!   Vincent Van Gogh is my true hero here, as he painted every day -- just to paint.  He drew, he painted, he wrote letters -- he let every part of his creative soul stay alive -- even though he had only sold one painting in his entire life.  And, as we know, his brother, Theo, was an art broker!!!!
It has taken me a long time to find my “soul” again and to rediscover the “joy” in my art -- it’s been a long road, and here I am.  Every day is a new day - a day to live as you would like -- so, why not be happy and have fun -- you deserve it.

Hey it took me over ten days to finally unpack my suitcase that I had placed in the kitchen on the floor.  My cat, Ollie, thought it was his new bed -- and was a little surprised to find it gone -- he did give me a "look".  Nonetheless, it is time to get some great paintings going and I am ready -- are you?
I had to go back to the basics, to rediscover my own art!  It is a great journey and it haas made my art stronger and better.  
I have been offered a One-Woman Show in Shibuya, Japan in September 2012.  And I have been asked to be in two prestigious galleries -- more on that later.  I have turned down a few very large commissions so that I can paint for me, and I am excited to see where that will take me.
Come join me on this journey and paint with me.
Take three colors in paints -- black and white and a neutral grey -- Gamblin produces a torrit grey every year with his left over residues and has a competition.  It is a great way to work on your values and composition -- it builds a great foundation for your painting -- in fact, Vermeer and other master artists used to block in their paintings with just the greys and then add the color later.  
Put on a timer and paint for thirty minutes and see what happens -- you will know the strength of your painting by your values!  
I will post mine in the next few days.  Here is one that I painted with the torrit grey and the gallery loved it!  It also sold quickly.  

Remember the six values of light -- Direct Light, Halftone, Highlight, Shadow, Cast Shadow and Reflected Light.
10 x 8, Oil on Board


  1. Nice post Diane... interested to know what you charge for a small study of this type...???

  2. It's very exciting! I really can't wait to hear more about your awesome opportunity. You work hard and wonderful things are happening to you. Keep smiling and continue to enjoy your love of life!

  3. your artwork has ALWAYS been very beautiful and inspiring!!!! what a wonderful opportunity you have in Japan please enjoy - I can't wait to hear more about everything you have to say!!!