Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beautiful Moments

Love can come to us the tiniest ways -- mine started with a beautiful hummingbird who just couldn’t wait for me to hang the feeder that I had just filled.
He was happy to eat as I held the feeder -- two inches from my face.
It was such a magical moment.  I was smiling from all over and from within.  What a thrill to share a few moments with such a beautiful creature.
Life is full of beautiful moments!  What are yours?

"Mother's Gentle Kiss"
24 x 24 Oil on Canvas


  1. what a beautiful, beautiful painting! this is one of my moments!

  2. I have to agree, just absorbing this painting is pure joy!!

  3. Diane! These last couple of posts are amazing!
    You are painting some very specail art with meaning and feeling. Thanks so much!