Thursday, February 24, 2011


Teachers come to us when the “student” is ready.  We are all students -- students in life and in art and in love.  Life is a learning experience.
And art, like golf or music or dancing, is always a learning experience.  Sometimes the message comes from a book or a movie or a song.  And, sometimes, the teacher is yourself.
When I reach a place where I am not sure how to get the result on the canvas that I want, I sit down and go back through my older paintings and see what I love about them.  Often times, I am amazed at the painting and wonder -- HOW DID I DO THAT?????
This is one of those paintings!!!!
"On The Rocks"
12 x 12, Oil on Board

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  1. Je suis entièrement d'accord avec tes écrits...
    Très jolie peinture pour accompagner cette publication.