Monday, September 27, 2010

Painting From Life

It is amazing how much more energy there is in a painting when you paint from life!  
The best way to paint is from life -- the colors, the form, the essence of what you are painting is right in front of you -- and.... you paint faster -- there is no doubt about it.  I am honored when I have the opportunity to paint a model in my studio or in my yard, and I find that the energy that goes into the painting is so exciting and I can paint so much faster when someone is watching!  Why is that?  
So what am I doing with all of those long hours that I am putting into my other canvases?  
I have vowed (once again) to paint from life and draw from life at least once a week.
I did this little study in my studio to practice for my Painting Demonstration held at Arizona Art Supply on Saturday.  This is a 20 x 16 and I only had thirty minutes to paint it!
And voila!  

"Study for Painting Demonstration"
20 x 16
Oil on Canvas


  1. Wish I could be there. Love the energy in this work.

  2. You are amazing!! This is wonderful!

  3. This would have been fun to watch you paint! And in 30 minutes. It is lovely.