Friday, September 10, 2010

Let your paintings soar!

Can you imagine how many times Peter Gabriel has sung “Love To Be Loved”, which he wrote himself, or Mick Jaggar’s song with the Rolling Stones, “Satisfaction”?  Songs that we know by heart and that we sing.  And each time they perform their songs they put all of themselves into their music -- 300% each and every time!  And that is why their music resonates in our hearts and minds -- the passion behind the music is what touches us -- otherwise it would just be notes.  The feeling and the body language are what we crave and take home with us.
Music has been around forever -- it certainly has grown into an amazing industry and it is also all about the sound, the dancing, the videos and the lights!!!!  We have taken it to another level.
Humans need to express themselves!
And, art -- has also been around forever!  It has grown into its own industry and is such a part of all of us -- everywhere we turn, there is art.  As artists, when we put 300% of us into our work, it shows, and is remembered.  Practice makes us better artists.  Letting go and painting with passion is what brings out the paintings that are remembered forever!
Paint with passion -- with music in your soul and let your art spirit soar!

7 x 5 Oil on Board


  1. Au son de la musique, j'entends cette maman chantonner un doux refrain à son bébé... Belle et généreuse peinture, merci Diane...
    J'aimerais tant vous rencontrer.

  2. So sweet - Gazing into the face of a baby. Mine youngest is almost three. :( Love your hats and dresses and touching sentimentality.