Friday, September 3, 2010


I have a lot of incredible art books -- lots of first editions and lots of signed by the artists books -- and I love them.  I love looking at the paintings in the books and learning from them and most enjoying them.  I love the smell of books -- each one has its own unique aroma!
As I am planning to move, I know that I have to “glean” down the size of my book collection -- I do have a lot of large books and they are way toooooo heavy to move -- before I sell or give away a book, I look at it and remember why I bought it.  As I was looking through one of my books on Monet, (I have a lot of his books), I found a painting that truly caught my eye -- it is entitled “The Cliffs At Etreat” 1885 -- what a painting - what color and depth -- I was enraptured and pictured him painting it so many years ago.  And, as I was looking at this painting, I learned more and more about color.  He was such a master of color. 
 One of my favorite paintings of his is “The Boat At Giverny” which uses so many beautiful greys to capture a peaceful moment on the water.  Every time I look at this painting, I learn something new.
Books do serve us -- they teach us, they give us entertainment and they do bring joy to our lives -- I love books.  When you get in a slump, or need to learn something new or just want to read, pick up a book -- they have been around for centuries -- and they are so amazing. 
 Here’s to loving books!
"My Summer Place" (study)
10 x 8 Oil on Linen


  1. Books. That word caught my attention. Love them and love used book stores! We have moved many times and the men always are surprised at how many I have. They are one of the first things I unpack! I have a whole book case of art books and I too am inspired by them. And truth be told, intimidated by them. And what amazing color and brushstrokes you have created in the above painting. Lovely, as usual.

  2. Les livres nous permettent de voyager grâce aux mots, aux illustrations... notre état d'âme du moment interprète, traduit une émotion, des émotions... Belle nourriture que celle des livres. Bisous