Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Helping Japan

The devastation in Japan has touched all of our hearts.  My heart just hurts so much for the people of Japan -- I think of these beautiful and fun-loving people who are cold and hungry and homeless and who have lost their loved ones, and I hurt. 
My time in Nagano so many years ago was like a movie, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  The Japanese taught me why I paint -- to bring joy and happiness to the world with my art -- I remember being in their homes and listening to them speak Japanese and somehow I understood them -- art is a universal language that can touch all of us.  They told me that when they were cold in the winter, my paintings would make them smile and bring them joy.
And to help in my small way, I have just released a limited edition note card to help raise funds to heal the country of Japan.
They love children and they love flowers, so this is why I chose the painting, "The Little Flower Girl".  This painting was shown in five U.S. Shows and won Second Place in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Fine Art Show. this is original oil is available for sale!  If you are interested, please contact me at my email address -- and a large portion of that sale will go to Japan!
So, in my own small way, I want to contribute! 
I will appreciate anything that you will do to help.   
Here is the link to the notecards:
If you would kindly forward this blog on to your friends, it would be greatly appreciated.
With loving gratitude,
Diane Leonard
"Little Flower Girl"
20 x 16
Oil on Board

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