Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

I am a dreamer and I like that part of me -- it keeps me thinking of sweet days and happy times.  
When we look for our blessings and what gifts we have, we create more of them!  It’s the glass half full theory and it’s a good theory.  Sometimes during a painting you can focus on what isn’t working instead of what is working -- that’s when it is a good time to take a break, walk away, stretch, get a glass of water and return to your work with loving eyes and see what beauty is already there -- and then start over from there.
On this beautiful Monday, it is a great day to dream big dreams and count your many blessings!
Have a great week filled with smiles and love.
"Party Lanterns"
18 x 14 Oil on Board

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  1. Lovely as usual Diane. Dreamer. I think I've turned into one of those... Or maybe I always was?