Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Impressionist Tuesday

The end of the Grey Sweater!  It has to go -- my beautiful cashmere sweater -- the moths have found it again.
It’s a very special sweater -- given to me by my sister, Kate -- about five years ago.  It was her sweater and she gave me this soft, cozy, comfy sweater (did I mention it is Cashmere) to keep me warm during my trip to Boston.  I have loved this sweater and I have painted many great paintings in this precious gift.   When I wear Kate’s sweater I feel happy and I feel the love of my sister.  I have even slept in this sweater!
Alas, it is time for it to go -- there is a lot of colorful paint on that sweater now which reminds me of all of the years of painting that it has seen.  Eventually everything in the studio gets paint on it!  Yet, it has to go -- too many holes from the moths -- interesting that they don’t touch my regular sweaters.
It is like losing a good friend -- it has comforted me for years -- isn’t that what friends do?
Thank you for being my friend.  Here’s to more great friends and more cashmere sweaters!
Thank you, Kate, for loving me.
"Finding Shells"  24  24, Oil on Canvas

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