Monday, March 1, 2010

Impressionist Moments
I picked up a hitchhiker yesterday -- Wow -- when was the last time you felt comfortable doing that?  Well, I had a “feeling sorry for myself morning”, including tears and I was on my way to “work out” and feel better.
I saw her walking on the sidewalk with her thumb out as she headed down the road.  I had a sense that she needed help -- I could feel it!  I drove past and realized that -- hey, I have a car -- she needs a ride -- so I drove around the block and asked her if she needed a ride.  She smiled as she ran to the corner to get into the car.  She just needed to get to 19th Avenue -- right up the street.  And as she told me that she way just trying to get to see her 86-year old mother who had just had a pacemaker procedure the day before.  Her sister had called and told her that her mother was not doing well at all -- she just wanted to get there asap!
I  told her that I would take her to her sister’s house, and she was so grateful.  Remember, I had been crying and now I was feeling so much better -- I was helping someone -- a person who needed my help.  We talked as  we drove together - Darlene was her name. I was amazed that they let an elderly woman go home the same day as the procedure -- huh?  Is that right?  We talked about having a mother -- and I told her that my Dad lived until he was 91 and that we just have to treasure every moment we have with our loved ones.
As I dropped her off at the very modest home, I truly felt so much better.   My problems seemed to disappear.  
 I remember the days of feeling “safe” --   the days when we felt comfortable picking up a stranger and giving them a ride!  I miss those days!
Helping others cures all!
"Afternoon Delight"  30 x 30  Oil on Linen

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