Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer is Almost Here!

Summer is just about here and I love thinking of the beauty of summer -- time at the beach, cook outs, vacations and basically -- time off!
As an artist, it seems that our lives are surrounded by art -- we look at the world through artist’s eyes and  “everything” is a painting!   Children playing  on the beach or even in your own backyard are paintings just waiting to be painted. 
Time to take the easels outside and see what magic happens!  Paint some flowers, a still life set up in the yard is always enchanting  and will get you “outside”.  Plein aire painting has been making a huge comeback and this is a great thing.  We all need to be paintings from life -- minimum -- once a week!  It is truly the best way to paint.  Certainly the impressionists and their predecessors all painted from life, long before we had cameras.  And, now with the digital camera, we take thousands of photos!
I know that when I paint from life, I paint faster, I see what I am painting with “artist’s eyes” and the colors are brilliant.  I have vowed to paint from life once a week and to draw every day!  Here’s to summer and all that it brings!
"My Summer Place"
10 x 8 Oil on Board


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