Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Being Lucky!

When I was a little girl (seems like yesterday), I was sitting at this restaurant right on the water in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and my Mother told my family that I was the only one that could have a lobster!  I can still see myself sitting there in total Bliss!  I must have done something really special to deserve that lobster!  And, as my three sisters sat there, I ate my lobster in joy!  I wish I could remember why I deserved the “royal treatment”!!!
And, I truly must have done something right to deserve to be an Artist!  When I think of how blessed I am, I stop and thank God and the universe for the privilege of being an Artist.
Every day I do a random act of kindness -- it could be giving money to a homeless person, calling someone who is lonely, helping a friend, listening to a friend, or just doing something for someone I have never met.
As artists -- Joy is the gift we give this world.  How lucky we are!  

"Time in Ruidoso"
12 x 9, Oil on Canvas


  1. Such a sweet remembrance! I like the new updated blog - great painting too.

  2. Hi Diane!... Thank "You"... for your kind comments at my site!

    We do share many things in common: optimism and joy being high on the totem pole!

    Your very lovely... colourful and sensitive renderings are indeed joy-filled!

    Look forward to many more visits... sharings and "conversations"!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,