Monday, November 1, 2010


When we struggle in our lives --and let’s face it -- life does bring us some challenges --  especially as artists --  and then we doubt ourselves -- well, that is the time for growth, for introspection, for taking time to remember why we paint and then figure out the lessons we need to learn.
I used to tell my artists friends when they were lamenting about their lives -- I would remind them that we were not miners -- and our dilemmas were insignificant compared to other people’s lives.  It doesn’t feel that way -- 
It is the fundamentals in life that keep us going and growing -- in any walk of life -- there are basics to learn and to practice every day in order to be our best.  I think of the miners trapped for 69 days in a cave over a half mile in the ground and I am reminded how blessed I am.  The bathroom issues alone would have driven me crazy.
Life brings us so many special moments and often times -- surprises!  You have just got to love those surprises as they are the moments that make our lives fun!
Late afternoon light is my favorite light and I hung this very small hammock between two of my trees -- the light that comes from behind the hammock just sparkles!  
This is a quick study for my series on “Love”!

7 x 5 Oil on Board


  1. Belle pensée... belle peinture. Bises

  2. I too love surprises. I received one from you today. Thanks...

    Your new series looks absolutely dreamy. What a perfect title for your work. I love how you don't get caught up in the details, yet you carry the idea so clearly. Your colors and glowing are just dynamite. Your work is a wow!

  3. If this is a quick study, I can only imagine how magnificent the "real" one will be! I love the "Secrets" one below. It could also have been titled "Sisters" Just so sweet.