Friday, March 15, 2013


Did you know that there is a satellite radio station named Elvis -- that just plays songs by Elvis?  Isn’t that amazing!!!  Elvis touched so many people during his life, and he is still touching our hearts with his music.  And long after his death, he is still revered and remembered in our world.  I love listening to his sweet voice and his songs of love.

He is the most impersonated person on this planet -- there are even contests about him.  And, you can get married by Elvis in Las Vegas!

Here’s a question -- do you want to be famous now or when you are gone?  

Some of our greatest artists did not become famous until after they left this earth!  Legacies of the life of Vincent have touched our lives and we see the “genius” in his work.  Other artists who struggled with poverty are still alive in this world as we discovered their creative genius after their passing.  Amedeo Modigiliani -- watch the movie with Andy Garcia -- was so poor and his paintings now grace the walls of so many museums.  Paul Cezanne opened the doors for artists such as Picasso and so many others by stretching himself in his art.  He was laughed at for his paintings, and yet when we see them now, we see the beauty in nature that he saw and then painted.

We all have genius inside ourselves -- each in our own way -- today I celebrate the creative genius in all of us!

Paint from your Heart!  

All of the self-help books say the same thing -- love what you do and you will be rich!  Isn’t it better to be happy now!

Okay, here it is -- I want to give my art to the world so that when I am gone, I have spread joy and happiness through my art.  So many of my collectors write to me and tell me that I have brought them joy -- that truly makes me feel so wonderful.

Here’s to feeling wonderful and blessed today and every day.  And I am changing my name to Elvis!!!!!

Please let me know how you are doing!  

This is a little painting that I did several years ago, entitled, "Loving thoughts" !

                                                "Loving Thoughts"  12 x 12  Oil on Canvas

You can see my work in giclees and prints and cards at:


  1. I feel as though I have been washed clean...ready to splash lots of paint from the heart! This is a beautiful post and I totally agree with you. You are an inspiration.

    1. thank you, for reading my blog and for sending me a comment -- as I inspire others, I too am inspired, and your comment gives me just that!

      Happy Days!