Monday, March 11, 2013

Defending Your Art

I found myself defending my art last week.  I have been working on two paintings for a long time now, and after wipe outs, sanding them down, wiping out again, sanding them down again -- whew and then starting over and over again -- thinking -- I got it NOW!  I can do this -- I can paint these with ease!  NOT!

These are commissioned paintings and I want them Right!  I want my collectors to love them -- but do I love them?

My sister and her husband keep asking me when they are going to be done.  They have given me deadlines -- and of course, that doesn’t work either.  Then they asked what is the matter -- and I found myself giving reasons why they are not done.

And so it is -- they are not done because I have too much pressure on me to paint to please someone else, and not myself.  And, consequently, I wasn’t feeling confident and I wasn’t having FUN!

There is no time in Art -- creating is a passionate pursuit and the joy of a painting comes from painting from your heart!

A dancer practices a new dance until they FEEL the movements -- a singer sings a new song until they FEEL the music and even a golfer must be “In the Moment” to truly play the game.

And so with Art -- you have to be in the painting and feeling it -- not thinking about each stroke!  Then you will please yourself.

Paint from your Heart!

I think I will try a new Brush today and see what happens!

"Little Sunflowers"
12 x 9 Oil on Board
This little painting just happened -- and I love it!


  1. I love it as well! You are so correct in your assessment to paint from the heart. As artists, we should never defend our art. There are at least three critics to everyone of us!

    1. thank you, for commenting on my blog -- it's a new day and a bigger brush and a much better attitude -- painting for me -- I am my worst critic. Smiles, Diane

  2. Love this post Diane. I'm going through something similar. I have two commissions to do and I'm the one putting pressure on myself. I just can not get into the subject. A few weeks ago I did some sketches to get me more into the feel of this project, but then left them and have never felt the urge to go back to them. I need to start on them soon ... just talking about it has helped get me thinking about them and maybe I'll work on them today. A drawing, a support ... something to get me headed in that direction. Thanks ... for your blog post today.

    Your painting is amazing!

    1. Nancy -- I have found that when I am focused on pleasing the client, I struggle, because the only thought in my "head" is that I want them to love it. Yet, I have to love the painting in order for them to do so also. A friend emailed me after this blog and told me to step back and love the painting and they will too! In other words, stop second-guessing myself -- I am still working on the commissions -- I actually wiped one out and started over with a fresh new brush!!! A Big Brush too! thank you for responding to my blog. Let me know how you are doing. Smiles, Diane

  3. Créer pour une commande est un travail titanesque... je l'ai fait, je n'aime pas faire ça... ou alors il ne faut pas sentir la pression du temps sur nous... juste laisser venir les émotions...
    J'aime beaucoup cette adorable peinture qui illustre votre billet.
    Gros bisous

  4. Diane,
    Funny I just went through this with two commissions. It was not fun for me. I was pleasing someone else and not painting from the heart..
    I will do it different next time I get a commission. Thank you for sharing and for keeping us posted as to the progress of your recovery..
    Happy Painting!

    1. Hi Randy -- thanks for the comment on my blog -- I ended up wiping out one of the paintings and starting again with a new "improved" heart and a much bigger brush -- and I painted for me -- so much better. Smiles, Diane