Monday, October 17, 2011

Your Creative Genius

The world will miss the creative genius of Steve Jobs -- he certainly showed us his genius and our world became a better place -- everyone has been touched in some way by the products that he invented!  And, he will be remembered -- forever!
We all have a creative genius inside us.  When we listen to our Higher Self and create from our own super powers -- who knows what greatness we will create.  
As Raymond Aaron states  is his book, “Double Your Income Doing What You Love”, we all have a SuperStar inside us -- it is up to us to go and find it!”  And then go out in the world and share it.  You can actually download his book for free right on the internet -- it is a great book!
Our time here on this planet seems to just fly by -- so today is a great day, to sit and meditate and think about your own Creative Genius and have fun showing it to our world.
Make this day the Best Day of Your Life!

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