Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love Your Work

The magical number these days is 97 -- yes, 97!  It’s all over the Internet -- people are selling their products for $97.00 and it seems to be working!  Some of them are worth it and others -- well, let me say this -- no way!
A painting is worth what you feel it is worth -- and you know when you put your heart and soul into a painting and when you “just paint”!  The paintings of Vincent were utterly worthless to the people of Arles after he died -- they destroyed so many of them -- even his mother destroyed dozens of his paintings -- and NOW -- they sell for millions!
Value your work -- put your Soul into your work.  The value of your work comes to you when you step back and feel great about the painting right in front of you.
Love your work!

"Party Lanterns"
14 x 11, Oil on Board


  1. Avec cette jolie peinture vous éclairez le chemin de notre voie d'artiste... Comme vous avez raison de nous rappeler que sans notre coeur et notre âme une peinture est vide et sans valeur...
    Van Gogh avec sa personnalité, son interprétation soit maladroite pour certains, mettait tout son coeur dans sa peinture... Il y mettait tout son ressenti en allant à l'essentiel... Il traduisait des sentiments avec sa propre écriture... L'authenticité est la vérité...
    gros bisous