Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Painting for Thanksgiving

This is the season of giving --- it’s Thanksgiving.

I have the privilege of knowing Sr. Susan Dale, who is the Resident Director of Amelia House located Clarion County (in one of the poorest counties in Pennsylvania). Susan was a former classmate of mine and I am in awe of her dedication to helping the lives of others.

We are aware of the larger charities --it’s the smaller ones that truly need our help -- in fact, they rely on it.

Amelia House, sponsored by the Sisters of Divine Providence, provides hope, support and long-term hospitality to women and children who are homeless and/or victims of domestic violence. Amelia House provides services to approximately 20 women and 18 children on an annual basis, and residents can stay for a year or more, if needed. The House addresses the problems and needs of women and children whose lives are threatened by domestic violence and homelessness.

As my way of saying thank you to anyone who donates money to Amelia House, I am give a painting away for free.

This Holiday season help out Sr. Susan and her residents by donating $25.00 or more to Amelia House which is a tax deductible charity. Then simply email me with the word “Thanksgiving” in the subject matter -- If you want to have multiple opportunities to receive the painting, you are welcome to make contributions of a multiple of $25 (five entries for every $100) and just let me know. Thank you so very much for your generosity. On December 10, I will choose a name and someone will own the painting - easy -- simple -- a wonderful way to help others!

Excerpt from Sister Susan Dale -- “The women and children receive the gifts of freedom, renewed self-esteem and physical and emotional healing. Seeing them ‘come alive’ is truly a gift and a blessing for me and makes me believe in the purpose and necessity of Amelia House even more.”

The best part is that you are helping the sisters make the lives of women and children in need a lot happier and brighter for this Holiday Season. They don’t have much, they don’t ask for much -- just a place to feel safe and receive some help. Anything you can give is a huge blessing!

In order to keep the anonymity and privacy of Amelia House, please make the check out to Amelia House and send it to:

Sister Sue Dale, CDP

c/o SAFE

P.O. Box 108

Clarion, PA 16214

Thank you so much! Have the most wonderful Thanksgiving -- I am so grateful to all of the people who have touched my life in so many wonderful ways.

Diane Leonard

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