Friday, September 11, 2009

The Bracelet

A Beautiful Secret Story

If there was ever a doubt in my mind that the universe is made up of miracles -- well, that doubt is now gone.

I had dinner with a friend at a restaurant the other night -- and I had decided to wear a very old, incredibly unique vintage bracelet that my Mother gave me when I was in my twenties -- I have loved looking at that beautiful part of her life -- she had told me that an old boyfriend brought it home for her after the War --

The bracelet has an engraving on it that says, New Guinea, 1945, and is made of coins from Australia! They are a three pence, a six pence and dated 1943 and 1944 -- it is indeed a special piece.

Well, as the night went on, it slipped off my wrist without my knowledge -- I did not know that I had lost it until I got home.

I went to bed telling myself that I would indeed find the bracelet and I starting affirming that I would.

The next morning -- call to the friend, was it lost in his car; no -- went outside and looked on my driveway -- no -- and then I called the restaurant and inquired -- when she told me that no one had turned it in, I told her that I would be driving over to the restaurant myself !

I printed up a few pieces of paper describing the necklace with my phone number -- I was determined to have the bracelet back -- sooooooo -- on the drive over there, I remembered what Rhonda had told a friend who lost his wallet -- to picture it, to feel it and to touching where the bracelet was -- I did that as I affirmed that I would find the bracelet.

When I got to the restaurant and spoke to the woman, she told me that she would post my little signs and that was all she could do -- so, I asked her if I could look around.

I walked to the back of the restaurant where my table was, and there, laying right on that table, right next to wear I had been sitting, was my bracelet -- laid out there, waiting for me to come and pick it up!

Well, I let out a scream of delight and started crying with joy as I walked out of the restaurant -- I am sure that the wait staff thought I was crazy -- I went to tell the manager that I had indeed found the bracelet and I asked her if she had read the “Secret” -- the man standing beside her told me that his friend had read the book, so he came over and I told him the story -- crying again -- my emotions were filled with such joy! It was so great to share a great story with someone who is familiar with the book.

I left with a joy in my heart that will last forever!

Thank you, Rhonda Byrne for being the special woman that you are to this world.

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